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10 Best Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

by Koki Koki
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For a family that owns animal owners, it may be difficult to refrain from adopting a dog and getting involved with regional cats. Fortunately, there are breeds of cats and dogs with a greater tolerance for species other than their own. But there is no way to predict whether your pets will last, but the following dog breeds have the highest potential for living in harmony with cats. Here we will see 10 breeds of dogs suitable for cats.

Another gentle giant that can tolerate or even interact well with cats is Labrador Retrievers. This dog can be quite playful though so it’s important that they’re introduced to cats properly before leaving them on their own.

09. Dachshund

Dachshunds are devoted, willful, and spirited, so they have a lot in common with cats. They don’t think of themselves as small or meek and they won’t allow themselves to get pushed around.

08. Boxer
Even though this breed is large, they’re some of the most family-oriented dogs around and make excellent pets for anyone with kids or cats. Sweet, gentle, and loyal, boxers will accept the cat as just another member of the family.

Known as sporting toy breeds, Cavaliers come in small sizes and are also a great match for households with cats. They supposedly have a penchant for small creatures which include felines. Being sweet-natured, this dog will not have problems in getting along with a cat.


Droopy long ears, short legs, and soulful eyes, Basset Hounds are also among the most cat-friendly dog breeds. They have a laid-back attitude which makes them highly tolerable to other furry friends in the household.

05. Maltese

A Maltese behaves a lot like some cats — she likes curling up and napping for long stretches and cuddling in your lap. These traits make this tiny dog perfect for cat owners who are accustomed to low-maintenance pets who don’t require constant stimulation.


Dog breeds that are not suitable for households with cats are those with high prey drive that is bred for hunting. While Beagles fit this description, they don’t necessarily belong to these unfit dog breeds for cats. The reason is they’re friendly, intelligent hunters that can differentiate friends, foes and prey. So, when properly introduced to your household cat, they can be the friendliest companion.

03. PUG
Pugs are friendly and affectionate but are known to be stubborn. This stubbornness can match a cat’s and won’t be a problem since it can keep the two respect and keep away from each other’s space. Pugs are also docile so they can handle and react calmly to quirks of naughty cats.

Golden Retriever is among the friendliest dog breeds. They are gentle giants that won’t annoy or become overbearing for cats. So, despite this dog’s huge size, they don’t have the big rough attitude that will intimidate or harass a cat’s space.


01. Shih Tzu

This pretty little companion dog is perfect for the feline home. Originally the prized lapdogs of Chinese emperors, they are well tolerated by their feline siblings because they consider themselves far too important to get involved in unnecessary skirmishes with the lower orders of the house.

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