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25 Prove that your cat loves you

by Koki Koki
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Scientists can assure as much as possible that cats, unlike dogs, do not feel much attached to their owner.

Scientists at Lincoln University have found that cats have a sense of security that is not related to humans, and therefore they behave more independently than dogs and tend to loneliness.

The researchers used an adapted “unfamiliar situation” test developed back in the 1970s. When a cat or cat was stranded in an unfamiliar room, unlike a dog, they did not need support from their owner. They also showed no sign of being sad when parted with their owner.

The Guardian columnist Faye Chopin has one explanation for this: cats are territorial beings, and when they enter an unfamiliar room, they are too busy to get nervous for reaching out to someone for support.

Personally, the author, as a cat owner, has no doubt that her favorite corresponds to her reciprocity.

Faye cites 25 proofs:

1. The cat meets you at the door. Some cats are even able to distinguish the sound of a car owner from street noise.

2. He goes everywhere for you, just hanging out with you.

3. He looks at you. It makes you nervous. But cats keep eye contact only with the people they like.

4. She gets angry when she looks at you. It’s the feline equivalent of a kiss.

5. To breastfeed. Cats do not nurture when communicating with other cats, only in humans. This is the most convincing contact.

6. Endures your tenderness. Chopin’s cat, for example, allows

himself to be kissed, though it is clear that she is not happy about it.

7. It does not bite. Again, Fay’s cat didn’t bite her once, though she did nibble on her boyfriends.

8. Bites. When a cat bites, but not really, it is friendly

9. He shakes your head. In this way, the cat “labels” you with its pheromones as its own.

10. He is calling you. When Fay cat seems to like the mistress was lying in bed when she is nursing until she gets up. The woman is forced to lock the door to her bedroom at night.

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