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25 Prove that your cat loves you

by Koki Koki
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11. Head to your bedroom. She slams in the door, scratches, and cries loudly – all because of love. Chopin locks his pussy in another room at night.

12. Touching your foot or kissing your lips.

13. Licks you. It is a great honor – you are considered a member of the cat family.

14. It bears your feet like dough. Kittens are made to stimulate lactation in cat moms. So, for a cat, you’re like a mom.

15. Brings you gifts, usually mice or birds.

16. Jealous. Fey pussy, for example, is jealous of the computer.

17. Replaces your footsteps. The cat stretches just before your feet as you descend the stairs, carrying something heavy. That way he says you are his idol.

18. Expresses its view. For example, it hits your blanket when you return from a trip where you did not bring it with you.

19. Offended. Fei’s pussy hid from her for two days, punishing her for leaving. True, she happily groaned when the hostess found her.

20. Holds on your lap. Always. Chopin should sit down for a few seconds, a pussy materializes on her lap. 

21. It settles on other parts of your body. In particular on the head.

22. Shows you the abdomen – the most vulnerable part of your body. He trusts you.

23. Lives with you. Or, as a friend of the author put it: “They let you live in the same house with them”

24. Don’t say no when you ask him again if he loves you. And silence is a sign of agreement.

25. And finally … maybe your cat doesn’t love you either. At least not the way you think. But it is not necessary to give a cat human traits. Cat love is deeper, more sincere, and much more mysterious than human love, Chopin said.

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