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6 Most Fun Facts About Black Cats

by Koki Koki

Black cats are as adorable as they are adorable, which can be said a lot. These lovely cats are not only fun and cute but also have captivated cultures around the world for a long time. In honor of National Black Cat Day, here are six fun facts about black cats that are worth knowing. Forget the legends that surround black cats. These felines are fascinating enough without attributing tall tales to them.

6. Black Cats Are Symbols of Good Luck in Many Cultures


Sadly, the superstitions surrounding black cats and bad luck are what people in the United States usually think of. Don’t let one cross your path! Black cats are symbols of evil or black magic! The list goes on and on, unfortunately. But in many other cultures across the globe, black cats are synonymous with good fortune–as they should be!

Here’s a list of countries that realize all the good the presence of a black cat brings…

Scotland – black cat appearing on your doorstep is a sign of prosperity

In the Midlands, the black cat is thought to be a wedding gift that brings good luck to the bride.

In southern France, black cats are called “maggots” or “magical cats.” According to local myths, feeding them and treating them properly will bring good luck to the owner.

 in Morocco, the black cat indicates that something bad will happen.

Italy – If you hear sneezing from a black cat, you are in luck

Algeria – The Black Cat indicates that you are an optimistic person

5. They might make you rich.

In many Asian countries, such as China and Japan, black cats are not only good luck but also can attract wealth. That is why you will see many black Maneki Nekos, which are believed to drive away evil spirits and bring good fortune, in Chinese and Japanese grocery stores and restaurants. That’s double the luck. Scientific studies have shown that pet owners are generally healthier than those without pets, so there may be something about this.

Ancient Egyptians Worshipped Black Cats as Gods
Black cats were truly revered in Ancient Egypt. One of the civilization’s figures of worship, Bastet, was known as the Cat Goddess. Black cats that roamed the cities of Egypt were believed to be reincarnations of this Goddess. If a person is harmed to harm a cat in some way, they will be punished.

It is believed that the concept of the lucky black cat originated with ancient Egypt. The legend of a black cat being unlucky stems from Greek mythology. Hera, the wife of Zeus, punished somebody that displeased her by turning her into a black cat. This cat was then banished to the Underworld. Superstitious Greeks then began to link black cats with death and the afterlife.

4. Black Cats Were Once a Sailor’s Best Mate!


It is believed that taking and caring for a black cat can guarantee good weather and safe passage during cruises

It was a time when brave souls would sail the seven seas in search of new lands and wealth. So sailors from Britain and Ireland would often bring a black “ship’s cat” on board as a token of good luck on their journey. But the “luck” these cats brought on board the ship came with a purpose–as they worked to control the rat population aboard the vessel. It’s commonly known that rats are carriers of the disease. So by limiting the rodent population, the ship cat helped to keep passengers at less risk of contracting often fatal diseases. Not only this, but rats can also damage food supply and chew through important ropes and sails aboard a ship, so the fewer rats, the better all around! Nice work, ship cat!

The ship’s cat was a very welcomed crew member while aboard, and treated with great care and respect–sometimes even scoring the first bite when breaking bread with the crew! Another fun fact: cats are said to have superpowers that can protect ships from the weather.

3. The world’s only pure black cat is Bombay

There is only one black cat in the world of domestic felines. This is Bombay Cat, firstborn in Kentucky in 1958.

The breeder, Nikki Horner, wanted a pet that resembled a black panther. She achieved this by crossbreeding a Burmese and American Shorthair. It remains a popular family pet to this day.

2. Black cats have been associated with witches since the seventeenth century


Black cats have long been associated with witches. This link started to take hold in the 17th Century, during the infamous Salem Witch Trials.

Black cats were seen as devilish and Satanic by puritanical souls. This pushed them to expel and spend their errors. Many women of the time would take care of stray cats, feeding and sheltering them.

1. You will find 22 recognized breeds of black cats.

The Fanciers Association recognizes 22 breeds of cats that allow hard black coats. Only one breed, Bombay, consists only of black cats.

Besides, many theatrical actors believe that black cats are lucky and some bring them behind the scenes to encourage award-winning performances and bring good feelings to the scene.

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We have had three black cats, along with several other colored cats. We are a pet loving family. They are handsome and loving, but then, all our cats are. We have had dogs at the same time and all our cats stay indoors.


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