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7 Myths About Cats

by Koki Koki
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There are many myths about cats, their behaviors, and what they can withstand. Here we mention some of them and what the truth is.

1. The cat always lands on its feet:

Everyone knows that your cat has a good balance and reflection to turn “right” when it falls. However, a cat can be very bad if it rolls from high altitude. If your cat stays alone on a balcony more than five meters high, the balcony should be equipped with a mesh or something that prevents the cat from falling and injuring itself too. Remember not to leave the windows open if you live high and leave the cat alone in the room. It may be a good protective cat home.

2. Dogs and cats do not go together:

Dogs and cats get used to each other because toddlers usually feel good and can become good friends. However, making a puppy will be easier if you already have an adult cat compared to the opposite.

3. Cats have nine lives:

Cats are generally difficult animals, but they are not always successful. Also, it becomes difficult for them to deal with all the “new” dangers posed by modern society, the plants we have at home, electronics, bad food, and traffic. Wild animals can also be dangerous.
All cats – even the so-called sedentary cats – must be supervised and cared for by their owner at least twice a day. Cats work better than most of our other pets, but all abandoned domestic cats face a sad fate. Many of our domestic cats are breeds from other countries with a warm climate, so many cats, for example, can not cope with winter in Sweden.

4. Sneaky and unexpected cats:

If you’re not familiar with cats, it may be easy to miss the exact signals your cat displays. When you know how your cat’s body language works, it becomes clearer what the cat “says”. For example, a cat waving its tail is not happy but annoying. Losing signals (or ignoring them) can be a pleasant surprise when a cat attacks, apparently for no reason.

5. Cats can not be raised:

With patience and consistency, cats can also be bred. Rewards are more effective than penalties. Ignore the cat when it makes mistakes and encourages them when it does properly. For example, click training and good dessert you can work with positive reinforcement of different behaviors and get on track.

6. The best game for a cat is a spinning stitch:

There is a high risk that a cat playing with a yarn nose will also swallow yarn, and these sutures can disrupt the intestinal tract and cause problems that in the worst case require urgent surgery. Another danger with spinning is that the cat spins in the yarn and chokes the blood supply to one or more parts of the body. There are many other games most suitable for cat activation.

7. Cats can eat almost anything:

Carnivorous cats are better fed by a diet consisting largely of meat. They have difficulty absorbing nutrients from vegetables. Cats cannot live on dog food because cats and dogs have different nutritional needs. Dog food, for example, lacks the necessary material for cats, taurine, so a diet on dog food can make a cat blind. High-quality feed adapted for your cat is a good choice.

It’s also a myth that cats should drink milk. The cat’s intestinal system is not made to drink cow’s milk and cats do not carry lactose. So it is inappropriate to give cat milk. Many give the cat milk that he drinks with pleasure without noticing any trouble, but cats do not always show reactions to slight discomfort. Cats should drink water for thirst.

Another myth is that cats “know” what is poisonous. They have no extra mind to know if the plant is poisonous, for example. The cat eats what she thinks smells good, whether useful or fatal. We have provided a summary of common poisonous plants.

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