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8 things that cause anxiety and stress to cats

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cause anxiety and stress to cats

When a cat is tense and anxious all the time, anxiety and stress pass on to owners, of course, especially when they cannot find out the cause of anxiety or stress for their beloved pet.

Unfortunately, many signs of anxiety in cats, such as increased aggression towards pets or other people, decreased appetite, urination outside the sandbox, and scratching furniture, make life more difficult for owners and pets alike.

The Great Pet Care magazine for pets published an article explaining the reasons that cause cats to feel anxious, noting that some unexpected things cause the cat’s anxiety and disturb her in particular.

Dr. Karen says. Collier, medical director of the St. Francis Veterinary Center in South Jersey

 “Cats are passive creatures and do not like change. As such, slight changes that may occur to their environment or in your home may spoil their life and strain them in a way that you might not imagine.”

1- Boring childhood

The less common cause of anxiety and constant stress in cats is the lack of socialization in the first eight weeks of its life. This is the main window in which your cat learns everything she can encounter for the rest of her life, including pets, people of all shapes, sizes, toys, and indoor and outdoor play areas. Therefore, if your kitten is relatively boring and calm, it is likely that it will grow into a tense cat in adulthood.

2- Serendipity of strangers

For cats, any change in your circle of friends or inner acquaintances can lead to stress or anxiety, as this includes people who leave the family because of death, divorce, going to college, or new people joining the family thanks to romantic relationships, marriage, new children, or Older parents who move into their children’s homes. Indeed, visiting a stranger is the only more common source of stress for cats.

3- New scents

You may be someone who loves to light the scented candles at home, or you like to spray a freshener with a refreshing lemon scent, or even the smell of freshly washed clothes may make you feel relaxed, but your cat may not feel the same way you feel. Because cats have a strong sense of smell, a strong or unpleasant smell that they cannot escape can become an unexpected stimulus to their stress.

4- Mirrors

Like dogs, cats lack self-awareness, which means that when they look in the mirror, they think that there is another cat looking at them, and in their thinking system this means that another cat has invaded its lands, which angers and strains them naturally.

5- Conflicts between cats

If you breed several cats in your home, it may seem like they are playing with each other all the time. But in reality, conflicts between cats are very common, especially if they share basic needs like a sandbox and food, which may lead to some conflicts and disputes over limited resources.

It is worth noting that this is a common problem, as one study found that about a quarter of cats that are bred often do not have their own food containers and more than half of them had to share a litter box with other cats.

6- External dispersion

Sometimes you may notice that your cat screams on the net once you see something, while while what is happening outside your home or in the home of your neighbors does not interest you, many external changes that your cat may be distracted like the presence of other cats may cause psychological stress and anxiety for your cat, especially and If you are not outing with your cat.

7- A change in your working life

If you get a new job, change your work style, or start returning home later than usual, your cat may start to pick up these changes and feel anxious, and the reason is very simple. Cats like to go according to schedule, and any Change can lead to her stress naturally.

8- Getting a lot of pampering

Unfortunately, pet owners are often an unexpected source of stress for cats in particular, and this may happen because you are a very affectionate person. Pet owners often want to pamper their pets or silence their cats or patting them, which may disturb cats at times and Makes her tense.

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