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How can your cat’s immune system be strengthened during the winter?

by Koki Koki
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Like their owners, cats have an immune system that may need a boost to cope with the microbes and aggressions of the cold season. Here are some tips to boost your cat’s immune system for the winter!

Every year, you get a little cold when you change seasons? You’re not alone! Cats are also affected by temperature changes and can get diseases because their immune systems are weakened.

Fortunately, it is quite possible to help your pet by taking certain steps to strengthen the immune system of his cat.

A suitable and varied diet
Cats also need variety in their diet to find all the nutrients they need in their bowl. But they can also receive all these nutrients in a single complete food designed to cover all their needs, such as croquettes. And in winter, these varied nutrients will be even more important to ensure your cat’s immune defenses.

For starters, if your cat goes out as much in winter as in summer, you can slightly increase its caloric intake, by about 10 to 20%. If your cat has a healthy weight but is too thin during the winter, it will be more vulnerable to potential diseases.

On the other hand, if your cat spends the winter lazing on the couch, you should revise his rations downwards! Many cats gain weight in winter because the cold does not encourage them to spend themselves outside.

In this case, prefer less calorie-rich croquettes to prevent your pet from gaining weight that will be difficult to lose later. This will be better than a sudden restriction of quantities that can annoy and stress your pet. Here’s how to gently change your cat’s diet!

A cure for changing seasons, to strengthen your cat’s immunity
Many people take vitamin or other cures at the changing seasons, to help their bodies fight against the microbes responsible for colds and other gastroenteritis. What is not always known is that the cat can also benefit from this type of cure, provided it is well adapted to its species and needs!

A drainage treatment can be carried out during the winter-spring transition, in particular, to rid the body of accumulated toxins, and to strengthen the cat’s immunity at the same time. This type of treatment usually takes place over 10 days, with a few drops to be given to your cat each day, depending on its weight. Ask your vet for advice on the best option for your pet!

Probiotics are also a major ally of animals weakened by winter. These good bacteria help maintain or restore the balance of the intestinal flora, which then allows the animal to better assimilate the nutrients present in its diet.

Moreover, knowing that the gut is the body’s largest immune system, home to more than 70% of the body’s immune cells, and 90% of the cells that produce antibodies, this recovered intestinal balance will be ideal to boost your immunity. Cat. This way, your pet will be protected from rotating microbes.

Finally, we offer you this recipe for resistance to concentrate to make yourself! Blackcurrant and echinacea will perfectly enhance your cat’s immunity, at the rate of one drop of product per kilogram of animal weight, once or twice a day. So for a cat weighing 4 kilos, you can give it between 4 and 8 drops a day, if your vet validates this procedure!

If your cat is often sick despite your attempts to strengthen his immune system, do not hesitate to seek the advice of your veterinarian. Having access to your pet’s medical history, he will be able to advise you!

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