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The most famous 5 cats on Instagram

by Drawly

5 cats on Instagram

Fame on social media is not only limited to human beings, but animals may also become famous, some of which even beat Hollywood stars in the number of followers, and their fame may be for several reasons, either because of their strange shape or kindness or because of their picturesque beauty.
In conjunction with World Cat Day, “Madam” reviews the most popular cats on “Instagram”:


What is interesting about this cat is that its eyes are different in color, one in blue, the other in brown, and what makes the hair more strange is that the middle of its face is black and the other half is brown.
The reason behind that unique appearance of “Chimera”, the Argentine cat, is that it had a rare genetic condition, which means that it was formed from the DNA of two fertilized eggs, which merged together to form a single organism.
The owner of the cat has created a page dedicated to “Instagram” with pictures and videos of his cat only, and the number of his followers reached more than 80 thousand followers.


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Adventures are better with you by my side 😽🧡

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Suki cat belongs to the group of Bengali cats distinguished by the beauty of their cheetah-like colors, Suki lives with her companion in Canada, where she takes care of and accompanies her with her on her various tours in her native country Canada in addition to her foreign tourist trips, where she puts Suki in a luxury bag for traveling and traveling with pets.
Her friend Suki has created a personal page for the cat on “Instagram” and is now followed by more than 950,000 followers.


The Grampy cat is one of the most famous cats in the world because of its facial expressions that make her always angry, this appearance is due to poor occlusion of the cat’s teeth and stunting, she started her fame with a YouTube video, which achieved 16 million views so far, and the White House celebrated in 2015 in a form Different on World Cat Day, by publishing a picture of former US President Barack Obama along with a picture of the Grampy cat in a humorous snapshot with the same facial expressions as the most famous cat on the Internet, his owner, Tabata Bondsen, established a company that is charged with selling his image through the conclusion of commercial deals with several companies, following him On “Instagram” 2,50 million followers.


With more than 3 and a half million followers on Instagram, it is believed that the cat “Nala” is the most famous on the Internet, after capturing the hearts of its followers from around the world with its strange and funny behavior.
The 4-year-old Nala cat was living in an animal shelter without any friend. She was abandoned at the age of 4 months by her owners who could not take care of her after she started having trouble breathing.

Nala’s fortune began to change when she saw her love of cats nicknamed “Bucky”, where she immediately adopted her and created her “Instagram” account to share her photos with family and friends.


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Smoothy cat was chosen some time ago as the most beautiful cat in the world, as well as was chosen as the thinnest cat, and Smoothy ignited the social networking site “Instagram”, where its followers exceeded one million followers and had many fans around the world.

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